What's New International Literacy Day

From Principal's Desk

A positive attitude and a sincere approach are vital for success. You need to persevere to attain this. Brooding over the failures of the past will never help, this would only add to your discouragement and miser. You need to forget those things which are behind and reach for those things which are ahead. You need to have an aim in life and your focus should be to achieve that way but nothing should dishearten you. Once you decide judiciously to do something, you need to have the determination to make sure that it is done. You may not get the support of others always. If you look for encouragement around you, it may not be found that easy, as it is a rare earth element, so it is you yourselves who have to perhaps do a sols flying in this flight of life. Whether any one supports you or not, whether any one agrees with you or not, whether any one keeps up his/her promises or not, you should not lose your focus. We will win, we will succeed. This should be your motto. Remember the story of King Bruce & the Spider. How a big man learnt a lesson of success from a small insignificant creature. This is another thing that you must remember on the path that you tread for success, i.e. to learn from others, no matter how unimportant of how insignificant the other person may seem to be. Whatever good you find your selves. So, do not just sit and think but it is high time for you to act. Stand up, take a step forward, and enter the world of reality. Try, try and try again and success will be yours. "The Bible says that once you have put your hands on the plough, there should be no looking back.." Bible Be determined, be optimistic and let success never be, a slip between the cup and your lip.